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Turquoise University Club - TAS Chicago

Turquoise University Club

Turquoise University Club Mission

Goals and Objectives for Turquoise University Club

Turquoise University Club exists to provide a linkage between University clubs and its former students and friends. The Turquoise University Club is encouraged to:

  1. Turquoise University Club mission is to unite all students of diversity, and to acknowledge the cultural aspects and similarities that these diverse students offer to all universities in Chicago.
  2. We provide networking opportunities for university students in Chicago.
  3. Provide an opportunity for the Turquoise University Club members to receive information about events and activities such as panels, dinners, outside activities and many special organizations.
  4. Help students to sustain an emotional bond with their alma mater.
  5. Enhance the image of Chicago’s Universities and its students.
  6. Inform the Turquoise University Club members of planned activities and post-event details (photographs, etc., if possible). Every attempt will be made to include these items in the web site.
  7. Assist the University’s need for international internship opportunities, job openings, and study abroad experiences for Turquoise University Club members and domestic students seeking overseas assignments.
  8. Foster alumni involvement in the University through development activities.
  9. Turquoise University Club always endeavors to sustain and promote ongoing open and free communication in this community and to support the finest ideals of education and academic life.
  10. Turquoise University Club whose aim is to Understand, respects, and appreciates all religions and beliefs. Expose students to different cultures of the world, develop international friendships, and promote unity of different international views and ideas.


Turquoise University Club Activities

–        Friendship Dinner
–        Movie Night
–        Sportive Activities
–        Panels
–        Noah’s Pudding
–        Art and Marbling Activities
–        Intercultural Cuisine
–        Language Lessons
–        Outside events such as picnic…
–        Out of State and overseas trips
–        Board game tournaments
–        Game nights
–        Reading camps
–        Intellectual Discussions


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