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Tennis - TAS Chicago


  • Tennis
    • Session: Summer 2015, Spring 2016
    • Duration: 8 weeks
    • Minimum Attendance: 6
    • Objectives: To provide an understanding of the skills and abilities necessary for beginner tennis playing and to cultivate a competency in these skills.
    • Skills Learned: The basics of tennis will be the focus of this program – including serving, returning serves, different playing styles, and different game formats. The basic rules and structure of tennis will also be discussed and experienced through hands on practice. Depending on the degree to which these skills are developed, participants will also spend time engaged in singles and doubles friendlies.
    • Outline:
      • Tennis Structure
      • Serving and Returning Serves
      • Different Racket Techniques
      • Endurance Training
      • Singles Practice

Doubles Practice

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