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  • Guitar Lessons
    • Session:
    • Duration: 8 weeks
    • Minimum Attendance: 5
    • Objectives: To impart basic guitar playing skills, provide a platform for an introduction to musical theory, and enhance listener’s appreciation and understanding of guitar-based music
    • Skills Learned: Beginners will learn the basics of guitar playing; from finger-picking, chord formation, strumming and beyond. A study of the guitar itself, including its component parts, design, and basic maintenance will provide a concrete introduction to the instrument. Students will undergo exposure to the necessary foundations of musical theory in order to piece together basic compositional skills. An aural study of guitar to identify and differentiate between different playing styles as well as understand the role of guitar in musical compositions will address the appreciative dimension to musical training.
    • Outline:
      • Guitar Structure and Mechanics
      • Basic Musical Theory
      • Strings and Finger Picking
      • Basic Chords
      • Strumming
      • Guitar Playing Styles
      • Guitar Music
      • Basic Composition
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