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Calligraphy classes - TAS Chicago

Calligraphy classes

“It is ‘the most honorable and beautiful’ of the Turkish fine arts. In 13th century, by cutting the pen curved, unlike traditional straight cutting, calligrapher, or hattat, Yakut from the city Amasya opened new horizons to the art of hat – calligraphy. In 16th century, another calligrapher, Seyh Hamdullah, individualized this art, pioneering a new style by establishing a sensitive, fluent and attractive Osmani style writing.”

  • Calligraphy Classes
    • Session: Fall 2015
    • Duration: 8 Weeks
    • Minimum Attendance: 4
    • Objectives: To introduce practitioners to the art of calligraphy, including its history, aesthetic and cultural significance, and its forms and composition.
    • Skills Learned: The basic forms and movements of calligraphic art, including curvature, shaping, and stylistic improvisation.
    • Outline:
      • Culture of Calligraphy
      • Calligraphy Styles
      • Basic Shapes and Letters
      • Advanced Shapes and Letters
      • Fluidity and Connections


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