Chess Club

  • Chess Club
    • Session: Fall 2015
    • Duration: 8 weeks
    • Minimum Attendance: 6
    • Objectives: To provide an environment in which beginners and enthusiasts alike can cultivate their skills, understanding, and appreciation of the game of chess.
    • Skills Learned: Participants will learn basic chess theory, including the positioning and movement of individual pieces, opening tactics, and basic stratagems. An emphasis on experiential learning through competitive play and analyses of participant’s personal victories and defeats will compose the bulk of the program.
    • Outline:
      • Positioning and Movement
      • Basic Theory
      • Opening Tactics
      • Offensive Strategies
      • Defensive Strategies
      • Competitive Tactics

From its not-so humble beginnings in the Shah’s court to the world’s favorite test of mental athleticism, chess has always been a staple of Turkish leisure on par with the hookah and the footstool. This tradition is alive and strong today with our school’s chess club, drawing students from around the community to compete in black and white tactical death matches!

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