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Oud and flute lessons - TAS Chicago

Oud and flute lessons

If you have ever been enchanted by the hypnotic melodies of Middle Eastern music, now is your opportunity to learn how to make that music yourself. Learn how to pluck the strings of the oud or play the Turkish flute and let the wind echo with the sounds of the Orient.

  • Oud and Flute Lessons
    • Session: Fall 2015, Spring 2016
    • Duration: 8 Weeks
    • Minimum Attendance: 4
    • Objectives: To provide an introduction to the mechanics and design of both the oud and the nay as well as an understanding of their musical structure and their aesthetic significance. The role of these instruments in a variety of Middle Eastern music will be explored with comparative studies of classical and contemporary styles.
    • Skills Learned: An understanding of Eastern musical theory and structure. Handling and maintenance of the oud and nay as well as their component parts. Finger positions, picking, strumming, and basic improvisational abilities will also be taught.
    • Outline:
      • Eastern Musical Theory
      • The Oud’s Strings and Frets
      • Strumming and Picking
      • Flute Finger Placements
      • Maintenance and Repairs

Improvisation and Rhythm

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