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To our friends and neighbors in Chicago-land,

The Turkish American Society has found its home at the Turquoise Cultural Center and is dedicated to providing a supportive multicultural environment for our flourishing network of communities. We believe that organizing our community is the key to creating a platform of engagement, and engagement is the first step towards advancement.

To that end, TASC has been consistent in providing services and programs to keep our community active and mobilized. The Turquoise Cultural Center has become a home not just for Turkish peoples, but for people of all backgrounds and cultures. TASC facilitated the development of numerous organizations and networks for the advancement of many different ethnic, religious, and social groups to create a powerful diversity representative of the people of Chicago.

Most importantly, we are at the forefront of creating opportunities for cultural development and social progress across a wide stratum of the community. From students to businesses, families to non-profit institutions, TASC has utilized its resources to establish a web of cooperation that has proved to be a pillar of support for our friends and neighbors.

Despite this brief yet proud track record, TASC is ultimately nothing if not the sum of its members. We are representatives in service of our community, as diverse and committed as our members wish us to be. It is because of you that TASC has been able to accomplish everything that it has and it is through your continued support that we can move forward.

TASC is consistently providing a diverse portfolio of services and programs for the benefit of the community and its members. We believe that the best way to keep the community engaged and organized is to offer new avenues through which we may enjoy cultural experiences and cultivate new talents, thereby creating human bridges between East and West.

Our services range from culinary lessons, art classes, linguistic courses, and religious education. We also host a variety of social gatherings for men, women, students, and families throughout the week. Special celebrations and events to showcase our cultural heritage mark our calendars as well, so there is always something happening at TASC.

    • Ebru art classes
    • Soccer and basketball
    • Cooking classes
    • Eid celebrations
    • Oud and flute lessons
    • Turkish language courses
    • Pool parties
    • Family gathering nights
    • Athan lessons
    • Fitness Center
    • Student youth nights
    • Quran lessons
    • Academic lecture series

These programs survive upon the contributions of the community they service, and so your support is just as important to us as your participation. In order to ensure the most effective services from us and the most efficient benefits for you, TASC would like to introduce you to our Membership Program, a multi-tiered patronage system catered to your preferred level of participation.

By becoming a member of TASC you are deciding on which level of support and participation works best for you. We build stronger connections through membership that allows you to be an active player in the development of our community and the formation of our vision.

Indicative of the colorful range of goals and missions we pursue, our membership composed of many different people so there is something for everybody. Our annual memberships are designed to reflect your style of contribution and degree of involvement:

Standard Memberships

Individual Membership – $75

Family Membership – $100

Student Membership – $25

Premium Memberships


  •       Free admission to all events (Certain programs/events subject to exemption)


  •      Free admission to all events except Winter Retreat program (Certain programs/events subject to exemption)


  •      75% off all events except Winter Retreat Program and Weekend School Program (Certain programs/events subject to exemption)


  •      50% of all events except Winter Retreat Program and Weekend School Program (Certain programs/events subject to exemption)




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