Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 2, Week#6

YOGURT SOUP (YAYLA CORBASI) 1/4 cup wheat 5 cups of water (if you wish you can use half chicken stock, half water) 2 cups of plain yogurt 1 egg 2 tbsp flour 2 tbsp butter 2 tsp dried mint or tarragon 1 tsp salt -Boil wheat  in 5 cups of water with salt until (very) […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 2, Week#5

NOAH’S PUDDING (ASHURE) Ingredients: ½ cup wheat 1 can boiled chickpeas (garbanzo beans) 1 can boiled navy beans ½ cup small diced dried apricots ½ cup golden raisins 3 cups sugar Garnish (Optional) Currants, cinnamon, pine nuts, hazelnut, pomegranate etc… The night before making ashure, wash and drain wheat, add water to cover about half […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 2, Week#4

GRILLED EGGPLANT WITH GROUND BEEF & YOGURT (Ali Nazik) Serves 4 Ingredients: · 2 eggplants · 2 tbsp of vegetable oil · 1 onion ( chopped ) · 1/2 lb ground beef · 1 cup of plain yogurt · 2 cloves of garlic (minced ) · 1/4 bunch of parsley ( chopped ) · black […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 2, Week#3

OVEN BAKED RICE PUDDING Ingredients • 1lt milk • 1 cup sugar 2  tbsp corn starch ½ cup rice • 1  egg yolk • 1 cup water At the very beginning, put the rice in a very small pot and pour 1 cup water into it. You will boil the rice until it absorbs all […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 2, Week#2

ROSE DESERT Ingredients 2 eggs 2 stick butter ( room temperature) 1/2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 cup flour Walnut For syrup 2,5 cup sugar 3 cup water Syrup Boiled sugar and water together for 15 minutes let it cool down Preparation: Put all ingredients in a bowl make smooth and soft dough. […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 1, Week#5

Home Style Beyti Kebab Ingredients: Lavash bread or 1 pack tortilla (We use burrito style tortilla) ½ lb. ground beef 1 large onion Tomato paste Pepper paste Yogurt A few garlic cloves Butter Black pepper, cumin, salt, oregano Oil (Vegetable oil, corn or olive oil) Parsley In a medium size pan, sauté ground beef with […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 1, Week#4

Kadayif Dolmasi (Stuffed Kadaifi Dessert) Ingredients:                                                                For the syrup: 1 lb kadaifi                                                                  3 cup water 150 gr walnuts (crushed)                                            2 cup sugar 4 eggs                                                                          A few drops of lemon juice 1 and ½ cup olive oil Instruction: Prepare your syrup by boiling water and sugar. Add some lemon juice into syrup and put it […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 1, Week#3

Ispanakli Borek (Spinach Pastry) Ingredients: 1 package of fillo dough 1 large pack of spinach (washed and ready to use) ½ cup oil 2 cup milk 1 egg 1 medium size onion Feta cheese Salt and black pepper Preparation Instruction Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cut onion into small cubes and sauté in 2 tablespoon […]

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Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 1, Week#2

CARSAF BOREGI( Sheet Borek) Ingredients: For Dough: 3 or 4 cup flour Water and salt Filling: Feta cheese mixed with finely chopped parsley. There are also other options. It’s totally up to you what kind of filling to use. Another filling option: Finely chop a small bunch of leeks and sauté with ground beef. Add […]


Cooking Class 2011-2012 – Session 1, Week#1

ACMA (SOFT BAGELS) Ingredients 1 cup warm milk 1/2 cup warm water 1/3 cup oil (corn, sunflower or olive oil) 50gr soft butter 2 tsp dry yeast 1/3 cup white sugar 1 tsp salt 5 cups of flour 2 eggs, whites and yolks separated For Top egg yolks Sesame seed, black Directions In a medium […]


Cooking Class is starting…

2nd. Session of 2011-2012 season is going to start on February 4th, 2012 between 1:30 – 3:30, Saturday and it will take 6 weeks. ADDRESS: TASC (Turkish American Society of Chicago) Classes will run for six weeks. The fee is $50 ,however the first class is free. At the end of our class we will […]


Cooking Class – Session 2, Week #6

CHICKEN BREAST WITH MUSHROOM (Firinda Mantarli Tavuk Gogsu) Ingredents 2 onions 4 green peppers 2 lb mushroom 2 lb chicken breast (cubed) 3 tomatoes 4 tbs corn oil 3 cups mozzarella cheese (for top) Black pepper, curry powder, salt. Preparation: Stir onions and green peppers in oil until they get pinkish. Add chicken breast and […]

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